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Playsafe Impact Protection Surfacing

Children should enjoy legal protection when playing on playground equipment but in South Africa not everyone complies with the legislation which states:

In the event of an injury to, or death of a child in a playground as the result of a fall, the SANS standards are used together with the following laws in litigation for compensation: The Occupational Health and Safety Act of 1993; Department of Labour Safety Regulations; The South African Bill of Rights (section two – exposure of children to hazards); The Child Care Act 74 of 1983 amended in 2010 (environment safety of children in partial care); Disaster Management Act No. 57 of 2002; The South African Schools Act, 1996 (act no.84 of 1996) regulations for Safety Measures at public schools (Section 8A, 8B, 8D, 8E, 8F, 9,4); Municipal by- laws – Local Health Department (licensing of crèches and early childhood development centers; exposure of children to dangerous structures, this includes dangerous and poorly maintained play structures or absence of maintenance); Common Law ( negligence, recklessness); Duty of Care (“standard of care“ as set out by the Department of Social Development); South African National Consumer Act (sale, supply, distribution of unsafe products including playground equipment and unsafe inflatable jumping castles, slides etc). The Act states that surfaces that do not comply with the Act are: grass; artificial grass with or without sand and/or rubber infill (unless rubber shock tiles are installed underneath); cement / clay pavers; tar surfacing; plain natural surfaces such as ground and soil.

Playground Flooring Placement

The proper placement of playground flooring is essential. Be sure to:

  • Extend the surfacing to at least two metres from the equipment in all directions.
  • For swings, extend the impact protection flooring in front of and behind the swing, to the distance that is equal to the height of the top bar from which the swing is suspended.
  • For round swings, the playground surfacing should cover a radius that is equal to the height of the suspending chain or rope plus two metres in all directions.

Critical Fall Height

Impact Protection Slabs

PlaySafe Impact Protection Slabs guarantees the highest safety standards on playground flooring. Impact Protection Slabs allow children to play happily, without risk of injury. They offer protection when children jump or fall to the ground by attenuating the impact and therefore reducing the risk of injury. PlaySafe Impact Protection Slabs are effective as an elastic floor covering in nursing homes and rehabilitation centres, multi-generation recreation facilities, schoolyards, under gymnastic and climbing equipment and as walkways. Our alphabet, number and theme slabs, as well our glitter slabs, are ideal for designing playgrounds in schools, and day care facilities; they offer educational and visual enhancement for all sports and play areas and amusement parks.

Impact Protection Slabs – SBR

The shock absorption of PlaySafe Impact Protection Slabs provides safety and durability. Unharmed by weathering and extreme temperatures, children can play without a care – day in and day out. Impact Protection Slabs are TÜV approved according to DIN EN 1177:2008.

Impact Protection Slabs – EPDM

The PlaySafe EPDM Impact Protection Slabs enable playground colour design without limits. They fulfill the highest safety standards in accordance with EN 1177:2008, and can offer personalised colour patterns to blend in with any surroundings to stimulate childrens creativity . The EPDM layer is available in a wide range of colour options.