• Fine Grain


Glacial Sandstone

The Sandstone range offers a unique, clean, hardwearing, floor finish. Using a 0.8-1.2mm stone aggregate gives a more refined look and feel. The stone is then “sealed” to give a smooth, closed pore finish while the beautiful textured look is retained. This range is only suitable for interior floors and is very well suited to kitchens and bathrooms but by no means limited to these areas. The floors are extremely tough and have been used in commercial applications such as shop and office floors. Only using a +-3mm threshold makes it a favourite choice for redecorating. This finish is comparable to cementitious screed floors but is considerably stronger and far more unique. The installation time is also a fraction of that required for cementitious floors.

Product Features

  • Aesthetic appeal and timeless beauty
  • Quick and clean installation
  • Can be laid over existing tiles or other floors
  • Seamless, smooth and comfortable underfoot
  • Hygienic and slip resistant
  • Low maintenance, stain-resistant, easy to clean
  • Under-floor heating compliant
  • Internal use only